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Why So Serious?

Aaaaaaaaand we’re back. As I said, filming the show would not interrupt the podcast schedule in any way shape or form, except for that one massive interruption. But we ARE back. I don’t know how you spent your summer vacation,. but I spent mine working nights in a Georgia swamp and it was pretty much the most fun I’ve ever had. The show – Stan Against Evil – is in the can, we are editing it now, and it will premiere on IFC Halloween night and will be re-run on November second in its regular time slot of Wednesdays at 10 PM.

For today’s podcast, it’s big on funny and light on Donald Trump because I just can’t take it. Matt Braunger is here! Follow him on Twitter at @Braunger, along with Arden Myrin, follow her on Twitter at @ArdenMyrin, and Emma Arnold is here, follow her on Twitter at @iamaroadtrip.

For details on all of my upcoming live dates, just toddle on over to my live performance schedule.

In the meantime, we are loooong overdue for a podcast. Let’s do it.