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The Holiest Of Molies

Welcome to another episode of The Dana Gould Hour, recorded partially in Los Angeles at Falcon’s Lair Studios, and partially in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, where I am for the summer filming season two of Stan Against Evil.

We have three slam-bang smash-pow guests today, in a lighthearted romp for your summer enjoyment.

Stand up comedian Joe DeRosa is with us today. You’ve seen Joe on Better Call Saul as well as on his own comedy special You Let Me Down. He also has a terrific podcast of his own called We’ll See You In Hell.

Speaking of terrific podcasts, Monster Party’s Matt Weinhold is here today. Matt is one of my oldest and dearest pals and an all around excellent human being.

And into that box you also have to put the hilarious April Richardson, whose Mom thinks Steve Harvey is funnier than she is. So, give a listen, if only to appreciate how incredibly wrong April’s mother is.

Me? By the time you here this I will have just wrapped shooting season two of Stan Against Evil, which will be premiering in October on IFC. This fall will also see the release of my new comedy album, Mr. Funny Man on Kill Rock Stars.

And if you’re going to Comi-Con later this month you’ll have two opportunities to see me. One, at the Stan Against Evil Panel, and two, I’ll be performing live that weekend at the American Comedy Company, Friday, July 21st and Saturday, July 22nd.

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