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Dana welcomes Eddie Pepitone, Matt Weinhold, Rob Cohen, Ken Daly, Rebecca Lord and GC Wright for a free-wheeling and undisciplined look at sideshows, freak shows, Disneyland and all things “along the midway”. “Behold, The Geek!” Who Is Ultraman? and an all new Political Talk With Two Guys From Boston with the great John Ennis.

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Eddie Pepitone, Matt Weinhold and Meet The Press contributor Mike Murphy join Dana Gould for a hilarious look at conspiracies, secret societies, and other skullduggery. The JFK Assasination, Alien Abductions, the CIA and more! And of course, the mighty John Ennis joins Dana for more Political With Two Guys From Boston.

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Dana Gould welcomes comedians Eddie Pepitone and Matt Weinhold along with Matt’s wife Carrie, who’s done more jail time than all the dudes combined. It’s a law and order shoot-em-up, with “The Dragnet Story”, “The Beach Boys / Charles Manson Connection”, “Jailhouse Mail” and more “Political Talk With Two Guys From Boston.”

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Soon-Yi Or Later

Comedian Eddie Pepitone joins Dana Gould for a deep-dish discourse on shame, Woody Allen’s bad dating choices & more. Also, “Manscaping Larry King”, “The Story Of Sealo, The Seal Boy,” “Baby Dolphins” & “Political Talk With Two Guys From Boston.” With Ken Daly.

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