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Well, I promised you we’d premiere a new episode on the first of every month and clearly I was lying. Oh, people. I am in pre-production of the upcoming IFC series Stan Against Evil and the schedule is getting tight, but we are plunging away. Here we are better late than never, and by the time you hear this we’re already elbow deep in May’s episode. So there.

Today, our overall topic is murders committed by crazy people, but we dip in and out of it a fair amount. The People vs. O.J. Simpson screenwriters and producers Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski (@karaszewski) are with us. As well as founding member of the LA.’s legendary sketch group The Groundlings and a member of the original cast of Saturday night Live, Laraine Newman (@larainenewman) is with us, and joining Laraine is the host of the JV Club, the voice of Korra in the eponymous Legend Of Korra, co-star of the web series Everyone’s crazy But us and also, I am proud and not a little relieved to report, co-star of the upcoming IFC series Stan Against Evil, Janet Varney (@janetvarney).

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