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Let’s Go Crazy!

Spring has sprung here at the Dana Gould hour podcast, with a brimming bushel of bright and bouncy banter. Ken Reid is here today, of the superlative podcast TV Guidance Counselor. And our old buddy, the Bitter Buddha himself, Eddie Pepitone is here.

As for me, things are heating up far beyond their normal frenzied pace. On May 2nd I’ll be at the Lyric Hyperion Theater in Silverlake, CA. This is different from most LA shows as I’m doing a full hour, which clocks in at about an hour.

And on May 3rd I’ll be in beautiful Seattle, Washington at the Columbia City Theater for two shows, and that, God willing, will be new album, coming out later this year on Kill Rock Stars. I’m thinking of calling it Mighty Mouth, Or Motor Mouth or something like that…. WHATEVER.

And then, I’m a-headed back to Atlanta GA to start production on season 2 of IFC’s Stan Against Evil, which will be premiering in October.


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