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Hey man I know you said that you weren’t excited for the new American Godzilla movie, and neither was I, but after the new trailer…I’m actually pretty excited. I was just wondering if you saw it, and if you had, what are your thoughts?

I’m still real hesitant – The glimpses of the design we get to see I’m not loving – people seem to making a lot of the fact that they are harking back to the original – but didn’t just about every Toho film from 1984 on up do the same thing with varying degrees of success. I’m really concerned about the tone of the film – the dark nature and bleakness in these trailers just make me believe it’s not going to be accessible to kids which is sad – Godzilla as a character has to appeal to children and new audiences otherwise it can kill everything associated with it. After the 98 film it was very difficult to get any Godzilla associated products – no one wanted to carry anything with the name even if it had nothing to do with the film. Still going to see it but the hopes of bringing my daughter dwindle and that to me is very sad.